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Each event I’m able to get to I’ll post photos. Summer is a great time for these events, but since they are for Cars & Motorcycles, then the weather plays a big role in when and where we’ll be able to go. So far less than a half a dozen events have been missed due to rain. That’s of course when everyone either goes home or out to a restaurant. Another interesting thing is that some of these strip malls want their parking lot clear for their customers. It would seem to me that’s sort of backwards thinking as that an event would bring more traffic to retailers. There are some great custom builds at these shows. I’m impressed with the time people have spent, never mind the money, on some of these fantastic rides. Some of these custom rides are for sale as well. So far I haven’t seen any trouble at any of these events, and there are so many local events I’d have no time to myself if I went to all of them. People keep asking me why I haven’t fi shed this or that project, but I do need to keep my day job, so spending every evening away wouldn’t allow me to make much progress. Some up and coming events are local enough that I might be able to get to them, we’ll see.

I hope that everyone out there that has an interest at least come down to view what’s happening. People will talk to you if you ask questions. Some can answer very technical questions about their rides, some simply purchased their rides. Either way you should be able to walk around with your family and feel perfectly safe view the achievements that these show cars and show bikes represent.

Tuesday evening there is a show (cruise night) in Milford at the County Store parking lot. Wednesday there is the Union Coffee company bike night. There was a real custom bike had made with a diesel engine from a car! That was a nothing short of a technical achievement figuring how to marry the engine to the bike frame. Considerable fabrication and electrical modifications needed to be made to get that moving.

Every one of these shows that I’ve been to so far, I’ve met people from all walks of life, so don’t be surprised if you find people there doing the same day job as you.

Invisible zombie on a Harley