Union Coffee July 5 2017

This weeks meet up was after a long July 4th weekend. No fireworks injuries were reported, though there were a few stories of childhood accidents, everyone show with no bandages from the fortnight event. There was on who told us of some gun powder pranks using steel plates hammer heads, etc. The take-a-way is you should know who your partying with during the fireworks holiday.

As we arrived we watched some woman attempting to walk home who was more than tippy. She needed to use every lamp post and hand rail to keep herself upright as she moved along. A young man was already trying to help her along when I turned and noticed the action. The police had stopped some one down the street and saw this going on. They came to the rescue and helped her continue along to her home. They could have served her a summons for that level of public intoxication, but seemed to be in a generous mood and just helped her along.

In the gallery there is a few photos of an old Fuji Rabbit. An interesting machine as that this scooter has a floor board dimmer switch! A 90cc machine that is in running shape, but needs some spit and polish. It was a pleasant evening, and I found a few new people that showed because they found the event images on Facebook. Have fun looking through the photos. If your local enough, come down with your machine.

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