Extra Lighting

Light Bar Lighting

Better visibility Brake Stop, turn and Reverse lights.

Plowing can be quite a job when everyone is panicked about getting to work, so I added more lighting so people will know when to stop. Next up, getting the old plow to work on this truck.


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Labor Day 2017

Labor Day Parade would like you to join them


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Ready for the road

After a while it just become tedious getting everything finalized to get that glorious inspection sticker. That badge on the windshield that tells everyone your driving a truck that’s safe and meets the approval of the safety inspectors. The rules change all the time. I had over looked the front brakes because it was stopping just fine, but once opened up for a good look, the pads were delaminating and partly missing.

The brake hoses have that metal line that finalizes at the caliper. They were rusty, but when I let the caliper hang, they just snapped. Well, better now than when it’s the cold of February and the wind is blowing across my back.

The rear spring mounts looked sketchy, so the inspector rejected them. Not having a lift at home, it’s hard to see everything.

Once they were off, it became much easier to see just how bad they really are. It isn’t that the edges are all rusted, but the metal was very thin as well. I’m surprised that I wasn’t picking up any wobble from them flexing, but then again they’d no doubt break before they  flexed at all.

I decided to become Captain Obvious and paint them with a rust proofing color that the inspector could easily see. After all the drilling, cutting scraping and sanding I just had a little voice that wanted to show the extra work I put into the work.

There were a few minor things. I hadn’t notice that the gasket between the Global Warming device we call a Catalytic Converter and the front pipe was missing and also needed to add a new strap to hold the exhaust system in place. I’m sure as always I’ll pick up that extra plow job in the winter when everything is already covered with a foot of snow and the client won’t point out that low rock wall. I lost some side steps due to that one year. With the lights all able to turn on and blink when needed I can continue it’s shake down. Building the flatbed out of any materials I could barter for was a chore, but it’s a chore all done for now. The Light bar was metal acquired by trading all the junk mowers that had no hope of a future life left in them with the junk collectors. I had them take away a lot of metal I had collected over time. I’m surprised it was two trips for them with there extra straps and bits flapping over the sides of their truck.

I know it shows the tool box out of position, but I was showing some one how the square tubes go through the wood bed and bolt to the metal frame I build out of angle iron. Unbolting the uprights and a pry bar to slide it out and the stake sides come right off. Same with the tool box. I set up a quick to unbold system that allows me to remove it if I need to move other equipment, motorcycles, or what ever I need. I’m going to ad some bolt on loops to be able to secure loads so they’re not lost in route.

Thats all the budget allows this month. The underneath work is done, Now I need to work on making the spotlight mounts.


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Climate Changes

The climate has been and always will be changing. Arguments need to stop and we need to adapt. Years ago I worked with a small group that wanted to set up a hydroelectric damn, but politics drove the company bankrupt! I understand the need to incorporate safety standards, but there should be no need to grease the palms of the government to make a change that is beneficial to the planet. Sure one Hydro electric project on a small river is a minor improvement, but to over govern the project to the point where the whole improvement for humanity dies out is a shame. The forces of nature can slam us into the ground quickly, and without adapting we’re doomed. The Automobile came along and diseases caused by the interaction between humans and horses lessened. Now diseases caused by the pollutants cause by emissions are on the rise. We can’t just stop fossil fuel usage until there’s a better solution. We can take a longer look at how we even tax the newer more fuel efficient vehicles. I think it’s silly to charge so much more for a new car registration where in fact these burn less fuel and are better for the environment. Why do we keep buying vehicles that rot away, when we have the materials to do better. We should all band together and demand that we implement the knowledge and materials that we know are better to stop the scrapping so much that needs to be re-melted by huge furnaces that produce serious amounts of heat, all so we can do it all over again. We can and should do better.

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I finished installing the new body panels, now I need to build the flatbed. I’m waiting on square steel tubing from a friend that promised me he could get what I need.

Next, I need to get my Jeep going again. Body tub needs to be removed and new panels welded to the floor before I can put it all back together again.

In the meanwhile, I’m taking an evening here and there to go to some events and enjoy some time with new and old friends. Wednesday evenings during the summer I go to the Union Coffee Co on South St in Milford, NH where I can see what everyone is doing to their motorcycles, and have a tasty grilled cheese sandwich and a very good cup of coffee.

Union Coffee

Union Coffee Co.
South St
Milford, NH 03055

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