Union Coffee Aug 16 2017

It was a super pleasant evening to ride out and everyone started to show up. A Young Lady who rides a 1978 CM185 Honda showed and some one thought they’d be helpful and park it for her. Soon after she surrendered the bike the guy holding the bike had his thumb slip off the clutch and away the bike went. It went down with a thud after a little wheelie. Wow, no bodies were hurt, but the bike suffered some bends and broken lenses. I was to far away to hit that kill switch before it all went bad. The bike should have been in neutral and the man who was trying to help should have been beside her for better control. The Young Lady told me she was off to start her Junior Year in college this weekend, so her father has all winter to get it bent back into shape.

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Normally I would have raved about that Royal Enfield that showed but the Honda crash distracted us all. The Royal Enfield had just around 50 miles on that rebuilt engine. The whole machine was in super shape. I wished I had more time to talk to him about the build.