F250 Rebuild

I purchased a 2000 F250 with a rusty cab. I knew I had to do a little body work, but once I opened it up I discovered that more than a few panels needed replacing. I had purchased an Eastwood 175 Mig welder and the plug weld kit. The plug weld kit makes it look like a spot weld if you follow the instructional videos they have on YouTube. After a few adjustments, I had the welder working as they said and just started in attaching the panels with ease. Mechanically the truck is fine. A few things loose that needed to be tightened and some brake repair.

Using a spot weld cutter the original rusted panels came off and then the prep work wish I have to say takes twice as long as attaching them. The next step will be to build a flat bed for the back. My thoughts are to have removable sides and a removable tailgate. This will open up the possibilities for hauling what I need to.

I bought this truck because my old Chevy plow truck is just to far gone, and needs to much work to handle my regular plow route in the winter.  That old 350TBI engine is still able to work as hard as the day I bought it, but the New England overly salted roads have just eaten away the body and frame. Even the tires have a great deal of tread on them, but they’re dry rotting and cracking, also making the truck unsafe for another winter of plowing or even going on the highway for any lengthy trip. What follows is a photo shoot of most of the steps during tear down and weld up.